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Boats Management

Choosing to give us the safekeeping and the management of your sailboat, it  will allow you to amortize the purchased price and the routinary operating costs. You will choose from a fixed annuity or a percentage of the amount collected.
We will take care of the marketing plans, including advertising, customer relations and of the boat maintenance.
Our staff member during the lease procedures will take care of the unit check-in and out.

Accordingly with the owner during the purchase transaction, we will decide the sailboat model, the internal layout and the optionals needed, we will decide the mooring base location and the optionals to be ordered and the rental fees. The owner will also be followed for all the bureaucratic practices relating the registration, the property transfer or any other document required.

Particular attention will be paid to insurance coverage. The policy and the clauses contained in it will be evaluated and written by both parties.

The owner/ship owner will have the right to different periods in which to use the boat or one a similar in size and characteristics also possibly dislocated in a different area.


For more detailed informations one of our operators is at your disposal by phone at 0187 601254 or by email at