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Post-Nautical Licence course

For those who have been awarded a nautical licence but do not feel confident to face their first trip out to sea absolutely unaided, for those who are about to purchase their first craft, or for those wishing to book one for their first cruise with family or friends.

The course will be held on one of our cabin-cruiser yachts over the weekend, once the minimum number of five participants is reached.

corso post-patente
Saturday: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm:
(1) Boarding with checking of on-board documentation and safety equipment
Inspection of hydraulic and electric systems (minor malfunctions, water and electricity saving, voltmeter, ammeter, refrigerator)

(2) Inspection of the engine, especially with regard to replacement of the propeller and oil/gas filters and inspection of the engine seawater intake filter
(3) Minor engine malfunctions (fouled filters, water in fuel, etc.)
(4) Inspection of bilges, operation of hand and electric pumps.
(5) Check on operation of electric anchor winch and electronic instrumentation (fuses/control box)
(6) Inspection of steering gear (checking of steering chain tension and self-steering connection system)
(7) Mast, boom, shrouds and stays (inspection of turnbuckles, various adjustments) Dismantling and cleaning of winches
(8) Putting out to sea
Sunday: from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm:
(1) Halyards, sheets, vangs, earings, roller furlers.
(2) Rand and Genoa rigging.
(3) Putting out to sea.
(4) All sailing points, taking in sail, adjusting sails.
(5) Mooring off-shore, picking up a buoy.
(6) Mooring in port, with mooring practice.
(7) Knots (bowline, reef knot, sheet bend, clove hitch, etc.)
(8) Return to port with final briefing.

Overnight accommodation can be provided on board the boat for the Saturday night.
Cost includes:: use of yacht, instructor, mooring (Bocca di Magra).
The cost does not include:: harbour fees, fuel, board and insurance.

Price € 310.00

NEXT DATE YEAR 2023 – Post-Nautical Licence course

Month Week-end date
February 25 – 26
  March 25 – 26

Mooring and anchoring course

Theory program: – Participants will learn how conduct the boat and the crew both on departure and on arrival at the dock.
It will be analyzed the attitude of the boat in relation of the currents, the weather conditions and narrow spaces you may find inside harbours.

On board program: – Students, will practice on stern and bow mooring, how to approach to the dock, reversing, the “english mooring”, look at wind and currents effects,  how to choose anchors and ropes, anchorage approach to other boats and tracks.

Duration: 1 day
The fee covers: Accommodation in twin cabin, cleaning, instructor.
The fee doesn’t include: Crations, fuel, any harbour fees, personal insurance and anything else not specified in “the fee covers” section.
Base: Bocca di Magra
Craft: Beneteau from 35 to 45 feet depending on availability and the number of participants.
Period: From September to June.

Price:  € 210,00

NEXT DATE YEAR 2023 – Mooring and anchoring course

Month Date
March 4
March 25