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 Travel safely and never forget to take with you the compulsory valid documents

Essential documents for a safely journey abroad 

Pleasure Craft:

  • Engine declaration of conformity issued by the builder

  • CE declaration of conformity issued by the builder and a copy of the CE model certificate (if applicable)

  • Civil liability insurance policy (R.C.)

  • Radiotelephone operating  licence (for craft with VHF)

  • Radiotelephone certificate limited to operator’s licence (for craft with VHF)

  • Nautical Licence (if necessary)


  • Navigation licence

  • Civil liability insurance policy (R.C.)

  • Deviations table

  • Safety certificate

  • Radiotelephone operating licence (for craft with VHF)

  • Radiotelephone certification limited to operator’s licence (for craft with VHF).

  • Nautical licence

An authenticated photocopy can be kept in board when sailing between Italian ports



  • Nautical licences are valid for 10 years from the date of issue

  • Validity is reduced to 5 years for those who are over 60 years of age at the time of issue or renewal

Nautical Licence renewal:

  • A specific medical certificate, for nautical licence,  with duty stamp issued by the Local Health Authority or  USMAF-SASN

  • N° 2 passport photographs

  • Nautical licence to be validate

  • Photocopy of the ID  card and of the fiscal code

Ombra esterna

 Security certificate for pleasure craft

Certificate renewal

For CE units

  • Categories A and B are valid for 8 years

  • Categories C and D of new construction validity of 10 years

After the first visit all categories have to be revised every 5 years, except for occasional visits that confirm the validity of the certificate

Ombra esterna

Radio/TV licence

Only the radiotelephone devices installed on pleasure craft used for rental and charter purposes, are required to pay the TV licence fee

VHF radio fee

Devices used for public correspondence are required to pay the VHF licence fee

Ombra esterna

Craft’s deletion from Pleasure Craft Registers (R.I.D.)

All sail or motor craft up to 10.00 metres overall length can be taken off the registers


Exemption from safety inspections and  a simple private deed in case of sale